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All Eruption ales are brewed with malts from Canterbury, together with outstanding hops from Nelson & Motueka our beers are 100% pure New Zealand South Island. 
Available to drink in the bar or for take away in growlers. Buy online with free delivery in New Zealand. Seasonal ales and limited edition recipes also available.

Lyttelton Pale Ale

STYLE   Clean, well hopped NZ Pale Ale

MALTS  Ale, Vienna, Toffee, Medium Crystal
HOPS     Southern Cross, Pacifica (Dry Hop: Pacifica, Nelson Sauvin)

An exquisite mainland Pale Ale with a pure Canterbury malt character, light golden hues,and a clean bitter finish. Heaps of late boil Pacifica and Nelson Sauvin hops, then dry hopped with heaps more, giving an unmistakable punch of Aotearoa hop aroma and harbour side flavour. ABV 5%

LPA tap.jpg

Eruption IPA

STYLE   Multilayered IPA

MALTS  Ale, Munich, Gladiator, Toffee
HOPS     Nelson Sauvin, Pacifica, Motueka, Wakatu (Dry Hop: Nelson Sauvin, NZ Cascade)

An explosive IPA stacked with bucket loads of the green stuff. Pure Canterbury Ale and Toffee malts giving a complex malt body and a deep golden hue. A punchy bitterness is finished off with loads of late boil flavour and aroma hopping, with a final hefty dry hopping using four of our favourite Aotearoa hops. ABV 6%

IPA tap.jpg

Lyttelton Lager

STYLE   Crisp, dry, golden lager, subtle flavours

MALTS  Canterbury Pilsner Malts
HOPS     Bittering Sorachi

A locally inspired Lager brewed just how you like it. Pale pilsner malts straight from the Canterbury plains combine with bittering Sorachi hops, then finished with a long cold conditioning until we say it's ready. ABV 4.5%

LLR tap.jpg

Portside Pilsner

STYLE   Dry Hopped NZ Pilsner

MALTS  Pilsner Malt, Toffee, Sour Grapes
HOPS     Southern Cross, Motueka, Waiti

A crisp, sparkling international legend with a portside twist. The light golden pilsner malts are grown right here in Canterbury giving a flaxen, glistening finish. Lightly dry hopped with a touch of NZ Waiti hops to balance the reassuring bitterness lurking beneath. Refreshing luxury in a glass. ABV 5%

PSP tap.jpg

Lighthouse IPA

STYLE   Light low ABV, low carb IPA

MALTS  Canterbury Pilsner Malts 
HOPS     Taiheke, Amarillo

This is a no compromise IPA with full strength hop loading and aroma yet pushing all the boundaries to deliver a low ABV sensation. The Fresh citrus flavours and subtle malt character combine with dry hopping from Taiheke and Amarillo to make this an enlightened brew.

ABV 1.9%

LHIPA tap.jpg

Pyroclastic Haze

STYLE   New England Hazy IPA

MALTS  American Ale Malt, Vienna
HOPS     Taiheke, Simcoe, Mosaic

This IPA has been created with plenty of hot gases emitted at great speed but we are not talking about volcanic gases, instead a heady aroma of hops from both sides of the globe. These include Taiheke, Simcoe and Mosaic selected for their citrus overtones and to contribute a pine aroma. Coupled with the in-vogue Kviek yeast fermented at volcanic temperatures, it’s a Pyroclastic Haze of citrus, fruit and pine for your senses.

ABV 6%

PCH tap.jpg

Dark Lava Stout

STYLE   USA Oatmeal stout

MALTS  Ale, Chocolate, Medium Crystal, Gladiator, Dark Crystal, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats
HOPS     Southern Cross, Wakatu, NZ Cascade

A boldly brewed New World stout with unmistakable Kiwi hop undertones. Using four premium NZ pure malts; Ale, Chocolate, Toffee and Crystal mashed with NZ roasted barley and oats to give the deep dark rich flavour and a jet black laval hue in the glass. Aotearoa Cascade hops add a final dark twist. ABV 5.3%

DLS tap.jpg
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