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All Eruption ales are brewed with malts from Canterbury, together with outstanding hops from Nelson & Motueka. 

Available for tasting and to drink in the bar. Take home by the litre or buy online with free delivery in New Zealand. Seasonal and limited edition ales are also available.

Lyttelton Pale Ale

STYLE   Clean, well hopped NZ Pale Ale

ABV  5%

Iconic as theTimeball, Lyttelton Pale Ale is the flagship of our brewing fleet. Featuring a who's who of Aotearoa’s best loved hops and a medium malt body. This easy drinking harbourside ale is the drink of choice for pirates and land lubbers alike.

Eruprion LPA 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Volcanist IPA

STYLE   Multilayered IPA

ABV  6%

The reigning heavyweight champion of Eruption. Perfectly balanced between the undeniable knockout blow of hop bitterness and a deep malt character. This New World style IPA goes the distance, delivering a crisp and bitter finish.

Eruprion IPA 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Lyttelton Lager

STYLE   Crisp, dry, golden lager, subtle flavours

ABV  5%

A legend of the docks. This hardworking beer pays homage to the European lagers of yesteryear with a distinct local twist. Light hopping accentuates the crisp malt finish. The ‘old reliable’ in any beer drinker's artillery, it can always be depended on to quench the thirst after a hard day's work.

Eruprion LLG 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Portside Pilsner

STYLE   Dry Hopped NZ Pilsner

ABV  5%

Just a little bit fancy. An ode to the world's most popular beer style, this hop forward New Zealand Pilsner showcases the tropical and citrus notes of God's own country with the clean dry bitterness you'd expect. Crisp, sparkling and always refreshing.

Eruprion PSP 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Lighthouse IPA

STYLE   Low ABV, low carb IPA

ABV  1.9% 

Brewed for those occasions when a lighter beer is needed to get the ship home safely. This is an uncompromising IPA that delivers mouth watering hop notes with a clean, crisp finish. Safe doesn't have to be boring.

Eruprion LHIPA 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Pyroclastic Haze

STYLE   New England Hazy IPA

ABV  6%

Hitting your senses with a pyroclastic blast this hazy, juicy New England IPA has been dosed with a heady mixture of American hops. Each sip transports you to a tropical wonderland, capturing an explosion of summer in every glass.

Eruprion PCH 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

Dark Lava Stout

STYLE   USA Oatmeal stout

ABV  5.3%

Forged in the crater of a long extinct volcano, this obsidian black stout erupts with NZ hops and boasts the best roasted malts from Canterbury's alluvial soil. The rich body is complemented by a smooth velvety head and dry roasty finish.

Eruprion DLS 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg
Eruprion DLS 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

big victory ipa

STYLE   West Coast Double IPA

ABV  7.5%

STD DRINKS   2.6  

Our Gold medal winning West Coast Double IPA won't leave you guessing. Robust, big and bitter, the malt sweetness is balanced with loads of pine and resinous hop notes. It's all in the name of one of our favorite sayings ‘Big Victory!’

Eruprion BVY 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

patrick sour

STYLE   Blackcurrant Oatcream Sour

ABV  5.3%

STD DRINKS   1.8  

We dropped bucket loads of New Zealand blackcurrants into this bad boy and rounded out with oats to create a creamy backbone. With the vibrant pink hue of a Lyttelton sunset, this blackcurrant oatcream sour will be your loyal friend and sidekick for the summer months to come.

Eruprion PSR 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg

sim city apa

STYLE   American Pale Ale

ABV  4.6%

STD DRINKS   1.5  

Welcome to the City of Sim. With this all American Pale Ale, Simcoe hop is the star and we let it shine with a balanced malt profile and a handful of crystal. Endlessly drinkable, crisp, clean and just a little bit grungy.

Eruprion SCY 440ml Can White Webstore small.jpg
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