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Eruption Brewing began in a Lyttelton garage in 2012 making baby scale craft brews for local bars and aficionados. 


Wanting to keep our roots in Lyttelton and to play a small part in helping to regenerate the heavily earthquake damaged town centre, we rescued the  BNZ bank on London Street from demolition.


Designed by one of New Zealand's leading architects, Bull O'Sullivan, and with lots of love and hard work we built the current 1200L brew house.


We are proud of our little brewery and think it is just the right size to keep the exceptional hand crafted quality but be able to spread it around a bit! 

Handcrafted beers with a local edge.

Our philosophy is to stay true to our handcrafted beginnings, we brew on a small scale and bottle by hand on site in Lyttelton. We offer a range of six signature beers throughout the year, but our Brewer’s schedule of experimental and seasonal ales is relentless, adding colour and texture to our range.


Come over to Lyttelton and check out our brewhouse. 

Ask at the bar for a tasting tray to sample our range of beers and seasonal brews, great to share with friends.

Why Eruption?

Our brewery sits right in the caldera of the Lyttelton Volcanic Complex, so we thought it best to pay this geological wonder the respect its deserves and named our wee operation Eruption Brewing...


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