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Poetry Night with Whiskey Chasers!

The Whiskey Chasers Poetry Crew
Waiting for poetic inspiration...

Newly formed poetry crew Whisky Chasers invite you to join them for the debut of their new show on Saturday 19th January, 7.30pm at Eruption. Four Lyttelton and Wanaka poets have combined creative forces to launch a new show around words and whisky. Longtime writer friends Liz Breslin, Andy Coyle, Ciaran Fox and Annabel Wilson were recently chatting over a wee dram and decided that whisky and poetry have a fascinating shared tradition which they’d like to riff on in a show they’ve coined Whisky Chasers. Intended to surprise and delight while taking listeners on a rollicking ride, Whisky Chasers will appeal to those who are spoken word fans and to those for whom performance poetry is not a regular entertainment choice .

Listeners can choose to have their poetry ‘neat’ or mixed with a whisky tasting!

Mainstays of the southern spoken word and poetry scene, each writer brings a unique voice and style to add to the rich mix of the quartet’s on-stage collaboration.

Each poet will perform a short set, taking listeners on a journey around themes ranging across road trips and romance, jazz and the landscape, mortality, politics, history and of course... whisky.

Whisky Chasers sets sail this summer, with the compass pointing towards a tour later in the year. For those who go to the Eruption launch show, the gig promises to be good fun and experimental, as we discover the whisky that suits us best.


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