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Pyroclastic Haze

Get ready for Pyroclastic Haze! As the name suggests, this IPA has been created with plenty of hot gases emitted at a great speed but we are not talking about volcanic gases here, instead a it's a heady aroma of hops from both sides of the globe.

These include Taiheke, Simcoe and Mosaic selected for their citrus overtones and two of them also contribute a pine aroma. Coupled with the in-vogue Kviek yeast fermented at volcanic temperatures, it’s a Pyroclastic Haze of citrus, fruit and pine for your senses. This brew is designed to blast away those winter cobwebs and get you ready for Spring!

Its rumbling away in the tanks now and will erupt in our Tap Room at 5pm on Friday 30th August.

Join us for the launch party and be the first to give it a try.

Don't forget all our beers are available for take-away too!


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