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Red Samu-Rye IPA

At Eruption Brewing, the brew team has an affinity for the red malts and red style brews. As an ode to Gladfield Malts extensive range, we constructed a cocktail of their red malts to add complexity to a Rye IPA base with Ale, Shepherds Delight, Redback, Light Crystal, Rye & Light Chocolate malts.

Samu Rye pours a sunburnt red copper, has an initial hit of malt sweetness that succumbs to a dry Rye spiciness. To reinforce the spice with a developing bitterness, we enlisted hops that added a Grapefruit citrus, traditional floral spice and a smidgen of woody pine, Taiheke, Pacifica & Southern Cross.

We hope you will join us in enjoying this seasonal brew with a colour that reminds us of Autumn but a spice that warms you, making the winter cold much more bearable.

Available in Eruption Tap Room and for Take-aways.


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